Monday, January 21, 2008


I’ve been married for almost 5 years now. I’ve been with my husband for 7.5 years. It’s a fair assessment to say that we have had our share of negotiating. All marriages do. Well, the ones that last beyond the honeymoon phase anyhow. We’ve hammered out everything from who’s underwear goes where in the dresser to how often we visit the in-laws. We have entered a new stage of negotiation. We had our second daughter 6 weeks ago and negotiation has become a new art at our house. We also have a 4 year old. I don’t talk too much about our daughters in this blog – I have a separate one for that. They only come into the picture when they affect my relationship with my husband. As I was saying, learning to negotiate with terrorists (i.e. my daughters) has reached a new art form around here. Hubby and I have had to have an intensive session regarding how we negotiate and what we are negotiating with. Which required a lot of negotiating between him and I. Oh the irony. We have also had to develop a new system for chores and household duties. I.e. Which do you want – the screaming baby or the whining preschooler? Right now we have a good thing going on. We’re not outnumbered. There are two of us, and there are two needy kids. I shudder to think how it will be when we have our next child. I have a sneaky feeling that there won’t be much negotiation – just my husband and I being taken hostage.

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