Monday, February 11, 2008

Different Strokes

Mood: freakin cold!
Listening To: my daughter playing a video game

I was laying in bed this morning dreading getting up when I noticed that my husband had gotten up early today. Now, for my husband, this is almost akin to a miracle - getting out of bed early is just not something he will do. Anyhow, I was thrilled. Perhaps he would get out the door on time this morning and drop my eldest daughter at preschool on time. 45 minutes later, he and my daughter ran out the door, late again. Now really, this is his problem because he has to bring her in and face her preschool teacher as to why she is late. He then has to catch his bus, and I don’t drive him if he’s late and misses it. As someone who has mastered the 10 minute shower, I really have had a hard time accepting that I married someone who spends SO much time in the bathroom. That combined with a horrible sense of time. I was thinking that my husband is modeled a little like the chaos theory. It doesn’t really matter when he wakes up after a certain critical time. He will not get done any earlier, he will simply expand his routine to fit the time available. I suppose I am similar. I usually manage to find more cleaning or housework to do if I have more time. I’m not even sure why it bugs me so much that my husband is rarely, if ever, on time. I guess it’s because I’m such a stickler for being on time. I plan down to the minute to ensure that we arrive on time. My husband, however, was raised on “Indian Standard Time.” Indian standard time is much more relative. People do not arrive on time and you will piss off the host if you show up at someone’s house on time. A half hour – 45 minutes late is considered just fine. While he’s usually not that late here, the philosophy remains.

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