Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Big D

Listening to: Backyardigans. Again. Yuck.
Mood: dreading the chicken fry that needs to be, well, fried.

So I’ve been on hiatus lately. It’s been a busy time at the G house. I’ve finally got a job, so it’s been quite psychotic.

As of late, I’ve been contemplating the big D. That’s right. Divorce. I’m 27, so this isn’t a midlife issue in any way. Recently, 2 of my highschool friends got divorced. Of course this sets my brain exploding playing around with the divorce statistics of my friends and I. One marriage was ill fated and kind of ridiculous from the beginning, and the other is, well, mostly my friend looking for a grand passion in life instead of appreciating what she has. Of course this is just my speculation/exposure to the situation, but I know her pretty well, and that is definitely something she’d do.

So out of 9 or so close friends, including myself, 2 are now divorced. I always wondered, out of myself and my close friends who would end up divorced. I always figured it would be my best friend and I that ended up getting divorced from our respective spouses (not quite so early in life). Both of us came from families that went through a divorce, and as statistics will tell you, that makes you about 75% likely to go through a divorce yourself, rather than just 50% for the general population. You never really know what’s going on in someone else’s marriage. Though I’d read about this before, I wasn’t really prepared for the sucker punch that comes when someone close to you tells you they are getting a divorce out of the blue. It really makes you question your own marriage and whether or not you will ever have to walk that road yourself, especially if you had no idea it was coming.. Of course I have a preoccupation with divorce and am always paranoid that my kids will have to face some of the difficult, painful situations that I did. Ah issues. They’re so much fun.

I truly hope I don’t have to think about this issue again in relation to someone close to me. I wouldn’t wish divorce on any of my friends and hope they’ll be successful in their marriages.


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